EBAY, Back To The Future

What is so special about EBAY current stock price? Well back in 2004, $56-$59 was the zone (shown in red) where it reversed its trend and went into a 4 year bear market.

ebay, in ebay, on ebay, ebay a

EBAY Weekly

Fast forward to the future, another 4 years and Ebay is back to that zone. What is currently happening in that zone is interesting, as it has formed a 5 months consolidation rectangle pattern. Watch the breakout of this rectangle

ebay, on ebay, rectangle, in ebay

EBAY daily


One Comment on “EBAY, Back To The Future”

  1. […] (EBAY) completed a 1 year rectangle top by closing below 49.50. A previous post in July¬†mentioned the same rectangle but much shorter in duration. The stock morphed, continued to trade […]

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