Dirty Diana

You probably remember Dirty Diana song by Michael Jackson if you were born before 1980. Its an OK hit in my opinion, you can listen to it over here

Another Diana that is interesting is that of Diana Containerships (DCIX). A Greek shipping company which owns and operates container ships. Its a very young company only founded in 2010. DCIX was brought to my attention as a lagging stock in the shipping arena, compared to other shipping stocks such as FREE, BALT & DRYS. As you can see over here the The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which tracks the movement of freight in the non-oil trades such as metals, has risen 41 per cent in a month. Meanwhile, DCIX formed a 2-months H&S Bottom which was completed last Friday by penetrating the neck line at $4.0 & targeting $4.40. One more piece of information about DCIX is its rich 15% dividend yield as per Finviz


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