Getting Some Oxygen Before A 300% Surge

NO, this is not a scam post that promises you 300% return on a penny stock..but close. This is about finding the stock that may be starting to move.

There are 3 ways that you would have bought Oxygen Biotherapeutics (OXBT) last week and tripled your money.

1. Getting insider information

2. Buying OXBT because it was listed on the top gainers

3. Scanning stocks for unusual volume.

Volume usually preceded price and is a leading indicator. Using finviz scans unusual volume you would have find OXBT on Oct 30th, noticed a 3 months H&S bottom pattern and went long Oct 31st.

OXBT Daily

OXBT Daily


One Comment on “Getting Some Oxygen Before A 300% Surge”

  1. bouraq says:

    A+ work. You will make me start trading stocks 🙂

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