Gold Stocks Outshining Gold

After Gold touched a new low yesterday at least in (GLD) Etf, i thought of looking at which gold stocks are not registering new lows and are outperforming the yellow metal. I filtered gold stocks according to top 5 highest market cap and 2 stock stood out: Barrick Gold (ABX) & Franco Nevada (FNV)



6 Comments on “Gold Stocks Outshining Gold”

  1. Rodders says:

    Interesting…so conclusion = get ready to buy?

  2. Rodders says:

    As an Indian broker used to say to me “spicy market – buy blindly!” but we’re not quite there yet I don’t think. Check out Pan American Silver, similar story (

    • actually was looking at SSRI & PAAS yesterday..PAAS has an ascending traingle but getting messy at the neckline, meanwhile SSRI has broken out of also an ascending triangle which is much cleaner

  3. David Crane says:

    Looking for the epubs and just can’t find them on Amazon. Do you have a link? Thanks, Happy Holidays, David Crane

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