Even ETFs Are Celebrating Xmas

Now how interesting is that; the Leisure & Entertainment etf (PEJ) completed a 6 weeks continuation rectangle after breaking through 33.50. Implied target is $35



On a side note I have a a lot of trading books as PDFs & EPUBs that I would like to share this Xmas. I will accept book requests for 30 minutes and (try) to email ebooks by the end of the week. One ebook request/person. If you do not get your ebook by Dec 31st its because I do not have it. I will announce the start of the requests in a post early this week. All you have to do is:

1- Subscribe with your email on the right to make sure you are notified of the post that will start the requests.

2- Send me your request with an amazon link of the book at theartofchart@gmail.com within 30 minutes of the post going live.

Have a Joyous Xmas & A Profitable 2014 !


4 Comments on “Even ETFs Are Celebrating Xmas”

  1. Hi Art. I’m just now reading this Update and would love to have your book. Am I too late? M

  2. mcmasoniam says:

    If not too late, please send book to the yahoo email address I just sent you. M

  3. guys, ebook requests will start from the next post NOT this one..

  4. EB Mason says:

    Hi Art, My Favorite Bear (One that isn’t chasing me!).  Would love the ETF book you’re offering.  Mucho thanks and Merry/Happy  M


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