Shining Metal Play

Penny stock Golden Star Resources (GSS) has been saved by a support line from 2008, three times in the last seventh months. It has completed a small double bottom pattern by breaking through 0.57. Next resistance level is at 0.85, which if broken completes a larger basing pattern opening the way to an implied target of $1.25.







Juniors Out Of The Box

Junior Gold Miners (GDXJ) 2013 performance was -61% compared to Gold Miners (GDX) -54% & Gold (IAU) -29%. So GDXJ is clearly the hated ETF plunging twice the percentage of Gold.

Today (GDXJ) completed a 1 month consolidation rectangle box by breaking over 31.25 barrier with a gap.  If this is the bottom, then initial target is $33.50. A gap fill is also possible.

Want a 3X Bullish leveraged ETF for Junior Miners? Go for (JNUG) !