Betting On GFA To Turnaround Your Portfolio

GFA stands for Ghana Football Association. It is the governing body of association football in Ghana, based in Accra. But what we are after today is Gafisa (GFA). GFA is one of the largest cconstruction and real residential segment in Brazil. The stock has almost completed an 11 months ascending triangle. A break out the neck line at 3.55 may be marking a reversal for GFA and an initial target of $4.8



Ghana Football Association

(GFA) stands for Ghana Football Association and the ticker symbol of the 4th largest homebuilder in Brazil, GAFISA, we are interested of course with the latter. GFA completed a 3-months triple bottom formation targeting 3.50. In 2012 GFA formed a double bottom formation around the same levels and surged over 70%. Will we have a similar analog this time?

GFA, Gafisa, Brazil

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