Why Google Made A Search Ad Video


Why did Google make an ad for promoting “Search” in India where it has over 97% market share? — Mobile, Apps and Future — Medium.




Google Reunion Vid Is Bringing People to Tears



Google Support Number

Do you know what Google (GOOG) support number is? Well I found a number but did not try it, its  855-492-5538 . I am more interested in  a different support number which is 840. As shown below GOOG almost completed a H&S Top. A close below 840, initiates a target of $760. This may be a possible reversal in the number one search engine.




How Safe Are Your Technology Stocks ? Part 2

Part 1 of this post was back in June here, where I pointed out that for the third time in a row IYW formed a H&S Top. Target was achieved with a clean breakdown and no pullbacks. Currently, a smaller than usual 3-week H&S Top is forming for the FOURTH time! Neck at 77.50 and initial target is 75.60. Risk to reward ratio may not be that great though, but you never know maybe this will be a minor reversal top that starts a major bear trend.

IYW, technology

IYW Hourly

and the mystery chart is….IYW

IYW daily

IYW daily

Let me tell you a small secret about history…it sometimes repeats itself and sometimes does not 🙂
Have a profitable day!

How Safe Are Your Technology Stocks ?

Do you believe in the statement “History repeats itself”? You probably do if you trade through technical analysis so lets look back at history.

As shown in the chart below, between Feb and May 2012 A Head & Shoulders Top formed broke down and a 8% drop followed.

"Head and Shoulders", "Head & Shoulders", H&S Top, Topping, "Topping pattern"

First Head & Shoulders pattern

Going forward a very similar H&S Top formed between Aug and Oct 2012 which broke and a 12% drop followed

"Head and Shoulders", "Head & Shoulders", H&S Top, Topping, "Topping pattern"

Second H&S Top

Fast forward June 14th, 2013 guess what pattern formed this time? Yes!! its the Head & Shoulder Top that did not break……yet

"Head and Shoulders", "Head & Shoulders", H&S Top, Topping, "Topping pattern"

Third H&S Top

Right now you are definitely wondering what is the mystery chart?
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